Thought Fest

Timing : 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m Venue Habitat World –Kadamba, Amaltas, and Rudraksh
PRESENTATION OF PAPERS, INTERVIEWS AND PANEL DISCUSSIONS by scholars, journalists and industry professionals during the“THOUGHT FEST” part of the event:

  •    Illuminating aspects of South Asian Gastronomy
  •   Conservation of Heritage Cuisine
  •    Food for Fitness
  •    Women Restauranteers
  •    Hidden Gems of North Eastern Cuisine of India
  •    Application of modern techniques to Traditional Indian Cuisine
  •    The six defining moments of Indian Culinary Inheritance
  •    Nepalese 1O1 - An Introduction to Nepalese Kitchen
  •    Influence of Indian Cuisine on the Foods of South Asia