The S.A.A.G

There exists a gap currently in authoritative representation for gastronomy at a regional level. SAAG , through our annual Food for Thought Festival aims to fill this space.
The Food for Thought Festival 2015 and its related media activities as well as the South Asian Association for Gastronomy are being designed to serve as a:

Networking platform for food professionals, policy-makers, scholars and students
Consolidator of existing and emerging knowledge of South Asian gastronomy, cooking traditions and culinary heritage
Thought leader for the region’s food and hospitality industry
Focal point for the region’s gastronomy sector for industry practitioners abroad.

SAAG is a collective of hospitality industry professionals, food scholars and policy influencers from the eight SAARC nations who believe in promoting regional unity through culinary diversity. It is founded by industry insiders with a passion for gastronomy, each with expertise and experience that contribute to the association in distinctive ways.